NEW! Nifty Knit Basket Bags

We are so delighted to be stocking The Basket Room's Nifty Bags alongside our homeware and accessories! A selection will be available on our website very soon, each one handmade and completely unique.
Learn more about the work of The Basket Room here:

These bags are modelled on the Kenyan kiondo (kee-yon/-doh) – a type of storage basket traditionally woven in rural Kenyan communities by mothers as wedding gifts for their daughters. Kiondo weaving was becoming a rare craft in Kenya until very recently: in 2004 only four elders from this cooperative had the experience to make them. Today there are around fifty active members reviving this stunning craft, which is typically passed down the female bloodline.

The wool used to create these elaborate designs is sourced from upcycled woolly jumpers purchased at second hand clothes markets, and each bag takes up to six days to complete. The basket bags are then sent to a leading local leather works to be finished, being fitted with cowhide shoulder straps.

Each basket has a completely unique design, and the weavers enjoy full artistic licence. 

To take home one of the Basket Room's Nifty Knit Basket Bags is to become an important part of the journey: a tale that weaves together generations of craftsmanship. We are proud to support the weavers, providing a sustainable source of income for farming communities whose primary income can be unreliable. 


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